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5 Ways to Boost Your Performance

We all want more in life, right?
Well, how are we going to get that then.
When I now give these ideas to how you can perform better, energetically and physically in life, it is important to take into consideration that I have done the density clearing and progressing work for two years now, as in the real deep clearing work getting rid of energetic parasites, holographic technologies and holographic template clearing, adapting and changing my consciousness genetics from the humanoid levels controlling our template for now, i.e. the lower leveled type of genetics inserted into our full human template to make it functional for the humanoid low-density races using our template for their genetic purposes and harvesting. I have freed myself from most of the low-density races controlling my physical and energetic existence in this reality. There are still inner encounters but due to the daily practice and energy work where I have learned to deal with the other density races, aka energetic …

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