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A New Way of Living Your Life

From where I am standing humanity has now entered a totally new cycle of evolution. 
And no, its not new earth or ascension earth. I do not work with these concepts since both aim at taking away the focus of this life. Our life as planetary humans.
The stellar activation cycle is over, attempting to convince us that we were stellar humans. The stellar genetics are not working, which should be pretty clear to all that just remember a bit about what was promised from the 2000 and onward with the whole activation process, reaching the star families and getting it all going from there. 
I do not see much progress in the world from that, but of course I might move in the wrong circles for that one. Speaking about circles; there has been a lot of them in the spiritual worlds and people have lived their entire lives within their ashram and their circle of trust in what their teachers taught them. 
Most of the old teaching systems have a inbuilt fall-safe mechanism; they state that spiritual awak…

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