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The Choices of Our Life

I was thinking today about the choices of our life and how often we actually deliberately choose something, or someone. I mean, from observation of other people, it appears to me that most people are more prone to "glide into something by accident or fate" than by deliberate choice. 
How many of your friends have you deliberately chosen? As in thinking after a while "I want this person to be in my life" because he or she gives you a higher life quality, when around and then spending the time to nurture the friendship in the right way, and not just let it happen, unfold on its own without any conscious direction? How many of you are in that friendship to make the life quality better for both of you, as in assisting in growing ones own business by giving energy to the ideas of your friend, or help out in personal matters to make the other person grow and mature into a more creative life, through shared pain and hardship in personal issues, where the ego is confronte…

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